Being Confident is hard. OOTD Orange Summer Dress

Being Confident is Hard .

Today’s post is a bit difficult for me to write because I don’t want to post stuff like on my blog and make myself vulnerable to wolves out there who strive on other people’s misery and are always quick to judge. But I feel this needs to be talked about. Being confident is hard. Any time you unravel your insecurities and fears to a confidant or a well wisher , the first thing they say is “Its ok just be confident and everything will be fine”. While that might be true, where to bring the confidence from?

I have many insecurities just like everyone. But somehow it’s expected to be Confident all the time. What exactly is confidence? To me it’s accepting who are with all your flaws and being realistic about it and not be so touchy. When you accept yourself with your flaws, be it your temper issues, be it anxiety, be it your body, be it your job , whatever it is that you know you need to work on. When you accept your flaws and areas of improvement then other people’s opinion on these issues and matters wouldn’t affect your confidence. But obviously it’s easier said than done.

Being confident is hard

Orange summer dress

Anyhoo enough of the hard hitting talks not let’s enjoy some summer time fun. It’s a simple casual summer dress, which can easily be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion and time of the day. Add a blazer to dress it up, or wear it as is . I shall share the dresses up version in some other post. It’s terribly hot to even suggest a blazer at this point 😛

Plus size fashion blogger India

Orange dress

The orange color is perfect for the bright sunny and hot as hell days to bright  up the sweaty day. And I added an equally bright orange lipstick to tie the look.

Orange lipstick for Indian skintone

Lime crime suedeberry liquid lipstick

To break the orange monotony I added cheetah print pumps from Zara. That is about where I can use cheetah prints. I am so over cheetah prints in clothes  but never say never.


I am also a big fan of sunglasses and oversized ones are what  catch my fancy more of than not. The days I don’t particularly care for makeup the sunnies  are  my best friend. Oh by the way I just did a post on Himalaya Pure Neem Facial Kit , if you are interested to learn more about the skin care routine you may want to check that post. The eye makeup look in this post is shared on instagram. You may check it here

Glammegal Sugandha makeup tutorial

Soft summer makeup

So back to confidence and this OOTD, I know it isn’t the most figure flattering outfit but I love this for it’s color and the comfort factor. It’s so hot and I can’t be bothered to look picture perfect all the time.


I am me and  love myself for the person I am,not perfect but still wanting to be good. There is more to me than I look.

I am not very confident in myself and being confident is hard. But I am trying to be not so hard on myself and letting it go and enjoy my life in the process. How about you?







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