Colorbar Perfect Match Primer Review

Review of Colorbar Perfect Match Primer

Hey everyone! Today I am reviewing a face primer from a drugstore brand that I have recently laid my hands on. Its the Colorbar Perfect Match Primer.



Primer is not a must have makeup product for me, but if you have oily skin and open pores then primer is a must have product for you. Primer is basically a base product which is applied after applying moisturizer on your face. Then comes primer. The job of a primer is to even out the surface of the face, that is to create a smooth base for your foundation and also control oil thus making the makeup last longer. It fills open/large pores , fills in the fine lines on the face and/if other unevenness on the face. If you have acne prone skin, oily skin and you have to wear makeup for longer hours then a primer is ย a must have product for you.


Coming back to the Colorbar Perfect Match Primer , lets see how it fares.


My review on the primer.

It comes in a transparent tube with twist open cap and you have to squeeze the product out. I personally always prefer pump packaging but if not that then this is the second best option. The l’oreal studio secrets primer comes in a tub packaging, which while its new and the tub is full is not an issue, but as you get towards the end its a mess taking out the product. But with the colorbar primer that is not an issue. The cap secures tightly, so it seems pretty travel friendly to me.

what is face primer

You squeeze out a little bit of the product on the back of your hand and then with your finger first apply the product on the face where it is most likely to get oily, which is generally the T zone,, then from there on take a bit more product and target the areas where you have pores or fine lines and then distribute the rest of the product on the face. Then you apply your foundation over that as you normally would.

colorbar perfect match primer review-002

Upon applying the colorbar primer I found that my foundation application was much more smoother, and I liked the finished look. ย It also held my makeup better on a hot day and I did find myself not needing to touch up my makeup as often as I normally would.

I have dry skin and it worked great for me, with summery hot days ahead this one sure will come in handy. If you have oily skin or unevenness on your skin or large pores you would like to minimize and struggle with keeping your makeup from running and making a hot mess of yourself then you should definitely have it with you.

The price did seem high to me at the time of purchase but it is surely worth the price spent on it. With the upcoming wedding season for the summer months Colorbar Perfect Match Primer is a must have. Until next time…




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