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I know I have been slacking again with my posts but honestly I was kind of blocked as to what should I put up next on my blog. And I even did a few makeup looks( which will follow this post) but I was just not doing any justice in the writing department..See ย I am blabbering away again…
So for this post I decided to stick to a lipstick review I have been wanting to share for some time.
COVERGIRL is a USA based cosmetic brand and is most famous for their mascaras among other things in the beauty circles. I happened to try and like few of their lipsticks so I am ย reviewing one for you its called heavenly. Heavenly is a light pink/peach shade appropriate for daily wear.

PRICED at USD $6.99 this lipstick comes packaged in a gun metal kind of chrome finish lipstick tube.
Once can see the color of the actual product at the base of the lipstick which I like, its always good when you can see the color without having to open it.
And it snaps shut securely making it very travel friendly.

TEXTURE wise this lipstick is creamy and glides on smoothly over the lips and gives an even coverage on the lips doesnt settle into the fine lines of the lips, and Covergirl claims it to be very moisturizing and nourishing for the lips. It is indeed very moisturizing on the lips, but as always for girls with very dry and chapped lips I would recommend exfoliation or at-least prior moisturizing of the lips. It doesnt substitute a lip balm.

PIGMENTATION of this lipstick really impressed me, I need not go over twice with this lip color over my lips to get an opaque finish, and on top of it the lipstick stayed on my lips longer than I expected. A good four hours and that too it left a stain on the lips thereby not completely being washed away, unlike the Maybelline ย ones.

So overall I am pretty impressed with this lipstick. Heavenly is a shade which is wearable on a daily basis but would definitely wash out the duskier beauties, for a day time look, it can very well be paired as a n*de shade on a smokey look. Here is how this looks on me without and with flash respectively.

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