Hey eyeryone! Just last week I was this conversation with a friend of mine and she asked me to do a sun kissed makeup look  for the blog, and I said sure I would try one.
So here is my attempt at the sun kissed makeup look but the problem is that by the time I got done with my look the sun had kissed good bye for the day, well almost that is why the pictures are in flash along with a couple I could manage in the sun..
For the eyes I went for a lighter and softer smokey eyes , which is appropriate for the day time.
Sun kissed look as far as my understanding goes requires lots and lots of bronzer that looks more like a natural tan and gives a healthy glow to the face. So here is my version. I shall do a detailed post with better lights in the pictures soon, I promise. For now do bear with this one. The first two pictures are in natural light.

sun kissed makeup

I was not feeling the snake bitten n*de lips look so I changed it up.

sun kissed makeup, day time smokey eyes,

I am wearing NYX round lipstick in DOLL here.

sun kissed makeup look

Here is the close up of the eye makeup. This is a very wearable day time appropriate version of the smokey eyes.  A light taupe eye shadow on the lids upto the crease blended with matte dark brown eyeshadow . Just to add some fun I used silver glitter and applied it  very sparsely . Dont forget the eyebrows!!

sun kissed makeup look, soft smokey eyes

So that should be all for this post. Do let me know how you like this post. Your comments and feed back are most awaited.

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