Hey everyone,
For today’s post I am going to be doing a quick review on the E.L.F. cosmetics studio BLUSH brush.
The reason I am reviewing this brush is to show you the versatility of this brush. I f you have something similar in your vanity you can use it for multiple purposes.
Lets jump right in..

elf blush brush review


PRICED at $3 USD it is as cheap as they come.
ELF brushes are good quality brushes and great option for those on a budget or the ones who are starting out into makeup and trying their hands at different products without burning a hole in the pocket.
The bristles of the brush are very soft and the brush doesnt bleed on washing. I have been using it for two years now and it still looks like new. The brush does not shed while washing, that is a major plus.
elf studio blush brush


Here are the three different ways I use this brush. Not all at once though.
1. The BLUSH brush is quiet unique in the shape, its tapered on the  sides and comes up at a point on the top. It is precisely this shape that makes it ideal for contouring and highlighting. 

elf small tapered brush


The tapered shape makes it easy to allow to place the product exactly how to want it and since its round and fluffy as well it is easier to blend away the harsh contour lines with this brush. Hold the brush sideways and apply the product.
elf blush brush for contouring


2. Same goes for highlighting. I like how this brush is not too dense to pick up a lot of product and not too light either. Its has the perfect balance. So if I use it as a highlighter I just pick up some product on the tip of the brush and apply the highlighter and lightly blend it.
elf blush brush review


3.You may also use it to set your POWDER BRUSH, to set the foundation and concealer. Its just the perfect size neither too big nor too small. I often time use this brush as a setting brush or my loose powder specially to set the concealer. Just lay the brush flat on the loose powder and the tapered shape is perfect to apply it on the under eye area.

cheap makeup brushes


4.This brush can also be used as a BLUSH BRUSH for powder brushes. Just lay the brush flat on the brush as against on the sides. This is the most obvious use…as it is indeed a BLUSH brush.

makeup brushes


ELF makes some great quality brushes and you can check them  HERE . The blush brush is a multi functional  good quality brush at dirt cheap price.
I wish these were readily available in India.