Hello everyone.
This post is going to be review of an E.L.F product that I believe is te most talked about product from the brand. This was my first E.L.F  purchase and I was relatively unaware of the hype surrounding this product. It has been compared to a similar duo from NARS which contains their best selling blush and bronzer, ORGA*M and LAGUNA respectively.
Yes, NARS, although I believe this product has been reviewed around a lot in the blogo-sphere I too felt the need to add my two cents…

Oh well I forgot to mention  what we are talking about. Its he E.L.F CONTOURING BLUSH AND BRONZING POWDER IN ST. LUCIA.
So well off we go to the review:

PRICE: All of E.L.F. products  are dirt cheap and this one is priced for $3 USD .
PACKAGING: The packaging is similar to the NARS duo, black matte rectangular plastic case with a mirror inside, he lid snaps shut pretty tight so it is travel friendly. I quiet like the packaging its not cheap looking.

Pigmentation:: This is interesting, while the bronzer is very pigmented and requires a very light hand for application, the pigmentation on the blush is average, and needs more product to build up. But the color of the blush is so so so pretty, you just want to have it. Both the blush and bronzer have shimmer into them but it imparts a rather healthy glow to the skin and is not chunky at all. The color of the blush is just the perfect peachy pink color and that of the bronzer is deeper brown perfect to bring out the contours of the face and also to warm the face.

I use this bronzer all the time as a contour product and the shimmer doesnt seem to bother at all. Another thing that I like a lot in the bronzer and the blush is that during the course of the day the it doesnt seem to oxidize on me and neither does the fine glitter wander away on the face.
Apart from all the other goodness one in particular that is worth mentioning is the amazing staying power of these, I was totally thrown away as I didnt expect it to last all day on me.

One of my major concern for the product was that being so cheap will it affect my skin and give me break outs and stuff, but thankfully nothing of the sorts happened.( not that paying a hefty sum of money ensures that, it just was my concern that the quality was not compromised for the price).
If I would anythign different than it would be probably just a little bit lesser shimmer. Other wise both the colors are perfect.
So overall I would say it is a MUST TRY product. I love it and have been using it for years now.


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