Hey everyone!
Its almost October. Holy moly! Its hard to believe that so much of the year has already passed by. If weather conditions are anything to go by its still monsoon. But its the time of year when we get ready to cozy up to darker warmer colors.
I was just sitting by my vanity trying to get inspiration from the display of colors in front of me( had all my eyeshadow palettes opened) and was just playing around with colors and decided to do my eyes. This is the look I came up with for Fall Makeup 2013. Its a deeper shade of pink and navy blue eyeshadow and the slightest bit of black eyeshadow. This is the fall makeup for this look.
Here are the pictures.

pink and black eyeshadow smokey eyes
fall winter 2013 makeup trends

I used only matte eye shadow for this look. I am liking only matte eye shadows a lot these days.

fall makeup
fall makeup using pink and black eyeshadow

These two colors look lovely together, (strictly my opinion). How about you guys? Do you like this color combination?
I would gladly do a tutorial on this look in case any of you want me to.
Its a quick post.

Until Next Time…

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