Hello friends, today’s post is going to be a review on Colorbar Eyeshadow Brush.

Makeup brushes are to makeup enthusiasts what knives are to chefs. They are your weapons  or tools without which you cant function.You can never have too many. This is what I say to myself each time I get a new makeup brush.brush
My latest acquisition being the COLORBAR eyeshadow brush. Well what prompted me to by it was its cute look. Colored bristles and by the looks of it it looked quiet nice.
So lets begin…
Its priced at INR 250 and is easily available online or at colorbar outlets.
What does colorbar say about this brush
colorbar makeup brushes


Now when I opened it I was pleasantly surprised to find the bristles to be very soft. I was impressed. This is my first brush from Colorbar.

colorbar eyeshadow brush


Upon looking closely I could see that the bristles are tightly and closely packed, making it easier to pick up more product and the flat shape ensures you can distribute the eyeshadow evenly.
Love it. Though I have one major issue with this brush, its the size. I found it rather small for an eyeshadow brush. If only it were a little big bigger it would have score those brownie points from.
But I still recommend it.

stiff eyeshadow brush
stiff flat eyeshadow brush

Confused? Dont be.

This brush is ideal for applying cream bases. Maybelline COLOR TATTOO to MAC paint pots. This eyeshadow brush will help distributing the cream base evenly on the lids.

budget eyeshadow brush
colorbar flat eyeshadow brush


Next this eyeshadow brush is perfect for applying eyeshadow on the lower lashline and also blending it. The bristles are tight so there wouldnt be worries of fall out, if you tap off the excess product.
You can also apply your eyeshadow in the inner tear duct with this brush perfectly. The small size makes it perfect for that purpose.

While doing a cut crease this brush is optimal as you can get a dense and precise application with this brush.

These are just a few ways I use this brush, not for applying the eye shadow on the lids, I find it small for that purpose, but if you have smaller eyes, or lesser space to work with hen this brush is just perfect for you.
As they dont judge a book by its cover. This brush didnt work for me the way it was meant to but it works just as well in other ways. Here is the comparison with other flat eyeshadow brushes.

colorbar makeup india
comparision of colorbar eyeshadow brush
flat eyeshadow brush
Do you have this brush? If so how do you use it? Do share.
Until next time..
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