Today I am going to share 5 easy tips that will help accelerate your weight loss. I am obese and currently on a weight loss journey under the guidance of a nutritionist, these are general guidelines to follow that will help you to lose weight. We are all different and all our bodies respond to things differently. Somethings might work for some, and they might not work for others. That being said, these are safe enough practices to follow. So lets begin.

  1. Drinking Water correctly: We all know and have been told 1000 times but the key is to drink it correctly. Three liters of water you should drink of which around 2 liters you should drink before 5PM. And as soon as you wake up drink up 1-2 glasses of warm water with lemon squeezed into it. Before you brush your teeth drink water, that is very important.

    how to lose weight by drinking water

    How to lose weight

  2. Eat at regular intervals : Do not take big meals, instead take 6 small meals through out the day, that means have a fruit before breakfast and then reduce the portion size of your breakfast. This will enable you to eat less and feel full and also accelerate your metabolism.
  3. Skip Caffeine : I know its easier said than done, but try to initially lower the quantity of your tea and coffee, make it half a cup and then from there try to reduce it to once a day from twice a day. If you must however drink tea or coffee do not use artificial sweetners, they do more harm than good.

    five easy tips to lose weight

    How to lose weight

  4. Incorporate Weights : If you cant go to the gym buy some dumbles for home and start lifting weights. You will be surprised. Start slow from three times a week and then build your stamina from there.

    Tips to lose weight

    How to lose weight

  5. Healthy snacks : This is where most of the calories come from. Try to incorporate healthy snacks into your lifestyle, things that you will actually enjoy eating. carrots and hummus instead of chips and hummus, home made bhel instead of store bought, roasted chana chat instead of aaloo chat, almonds instead of cookies.

    healthy snacks to lose weight

    Healthy Snakcs

The point is to accept your changed lifestyle and not look at it as some end date after which you can celebrate and eat all you want. The idea is to eat healthy, feel healthy and BE healthy. Acceptance and also eating mindfully will take you a long way. So do not get restless and incorporate these changes and see magic happen. Its a long road ahead for me but I am making progress and these tips are helping me. So yes these are the five east tips to lose weight.

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