FLAT IRON / STRAIGHTENER GUIDE 101 How to use a straightener / flat iron tips and suggestions

Hello everyone,
So for today’s post I thought of writing some pointers for using a flat iron / straightener.
If you are wanting to buy one maybe this post will help.

  Consider your usage. If you want it only for straightening or for both curling and straightening.  If you want only to straighten your hair you may choose to buy a 2 inch wide flat iron, which will fasten the process for you.

And if you want one which can curl as well then you need to ascertain how much curly you want your hairs to be, the wider the plate the looser the curl becomes. So depending on your needs you ma choose a three fourth inch or an one inch flat iron. I hope I havent confused you further.
Generally I would say an one inch flat iron is a safe bet.

Secondly, you need to buy a ceramic or ionic based flat iron. Stay away from aluminum ones.
Ceramic flat irons are costlier but worth the money. You need to buy one and its going to be fairly long lasting, so might as well save up and buy tone that is good for the hairs, or atleast better than the worse.

BEFORE USING: Read and understand the manual and working of your flat iron. And after that prep your hairs.

Never ever flat iron your hairs when they are wet, it is not a blow dryer. The moisture in the hair while being heated will make the hairs frizzy and brittle. Always wait for your hairs to dry completely. Brush it off nicely and proceed.

Never ever use a flat iron without using a heat protection spray. It is a must. Heating your hair is gonna hurt it, so the least you can do is use a good heat protection for your hairs to lessen the damage.

You can use your flat iron to curl your hairs too, but more on that in some other post.
Take small sections of hairs at a time and after the flat iron is heated up and you have applied your heat protection run the flat iron down your hairs and avoid using it on the tips of your hairs for too long, it will cause split end and dryness.
Also remember to not keep it too close to the roots.
ALWAYS wait for the hair s to cool down before using a hair spray.
Hope this one helps.

Until next time…

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