In my mind I read it really slowly and gradually raised my voice…sounds better now?? Huh? Huh?? Just kidding. Its a haul post so I am excited and happy, all the purchase was unnecessary and impromptu courtesy of the Man! Thank you:).
Its a small haul, as I said nothing I took I had planned on just strolling in the mall you gotta pick something right?? AAH well not really, but then what else can you do its like being in a candy store and allowed to eat some.
Okay Okay back to the post, I know I went off track…
So here it is..

Β Here is he run down:
1. ESBEDA HANDBAG: It was a recent purchase not part of this particular shopping trip, but I included it.

Β 2. COLORBAR LIPSTICK IN OVER THE TOP Β This was probably the only item I knew I would take, but the SA was so dull and disinterested I picked up only one .

Β 3. M&S SHOWER GEL : Random purchase also picked up a hand cream but couldnt locate it for pictures.

4. YELLOW BOW BRACELET : Looked kinda cute , now not so sure! πŸ™

Β 5. ZARA GRAPHIC TEES : A month back I picked up quiet many neon colored bottoms so now I am stocking up graphic tees to go over them, Loved the collection at ZARA, will pay another visit soon!

6. THE BODY SHOP COCONUT BEAUTIFYING OIL: Β Dry skin…even drier hairs! Hope it works.

Β 7. ZARA SHOES: My favorite part of the shopping…They are so comfy too!! double Yay!!

That concludes this haul!
Until next time…
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