I know I have been completely off the radar on my blog, but I am back now promise to be more regular. So without further ado….

Today’s blog is going to be a guide on HOW TO MAKE THOSE LASHES STAND OUT.

Mascara is a really important makeup product that really brings the whole look together. Now I know false eyelashes makes everything much more pulled together and pretty but common we dont use false eyelashes on a regular basis but mascara we can and do. But we all can goof up sometimes, so here is hoping this post helps you eliminate any mistakes you are making while choosing applying or removing mascara.
So lets gets started:

1.CHOOSE THE CORRECT TYPE OF PRODUCT: Now there are a host of mascaras available in the market you need to know what kind you want. The one for volume or one for length or both. There are different types of MASCARAS with different formulations you can always mix two mascaras for the desired effect. You can always try colored ones. I tired a blue one it sure looks nice for a change.
Do your research ask your friends whats working for them what is not.

2.CURL YOU LASHES:This is a must. Please girls….dont ignore it. CURLING YOUR LASHES is having half the battle won already. If you are new to it watch videos read blogs and get practicing  girl! its not rocket science after all.( Though my husband is kinda scared of the eyelash curler, he calls it a torture tool for eyes). Its not a big deal just prctice, I cant emphasize enough how much it changes the look after curling your lashes they are facing up towards your brow rather than your cheeks. Please do not ignore this step.

3.APPLICATION: Now once your lashes are prepped you can begin the application. One tip i can give that always works for me while using a volumizing mascara is to always wipe or scoop the extra product of the wand and then apply the mascara. Another thing to keep in mind is the volume should be more at the base of the lashes not the tips so while applying mascara put the wand at the base of the lashes and gently wiggle it outwards to the tips.

4.KNOW WHEN TO STOP: SPIDERY LASHES are not in trend. So after each layer check in the mirror to know when to stop adding more layers, also beware how much product your lashes can actually hold, dont overdo it.

5 REMOVING THE MASCARA: Removing mascara properly is as important as applying it. whatever method you choose for makeup removal be it wipes or cleanser or olive oil make sure to put it on a cotton pad or ball and keep it on the lashes for a couple of seconds before swiping it. Make sure to remove all the product of the lashes.
Waterproof mascaras are hard to take off, so know when you want to use a waterproof one and when you are ok without waterproof one. Its your choice but remove the mascara properly.
 While applying mascara if you accidently smudge it on your eye lids then dont rush up to remove it immediately let it dry and then you can flake it off easily.
For special occasions when you dont mind doing that extra step to make your lashes really stand out you can use a eye lash primer. Coat your favorite mascara over it and voila you have exxxttrraaa fabulous lashes without the false lashes.

So I hope this post helps you.
Until next time…

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