How to increase metabolism rate for weight loss

How to increase metabolism rate for weight loss

Today I am going to discuss how to increase metabolism rate for weight loss. I am on a weight loss journey and I have a medical condition of hypothyroidism which has slowed down my metabolism, but not my enthusiasm for weight loss. I often used to wonder what I can do speed up my metabolism, what is healthy to eat at night, what foods are good to eat before bed? How to increase metabolism in women? So and and so forth. So I am going to list down some pointers which can help you increase your metabolic rate for faster weight loss which have been working for me. Also check out these 5  easy tips to lose weight

  1. Eat food at regular intervals: Every body is different and so is the metabolic rate at which you digest food. So to accelerate your metabolism you need to eat small meals at regular interval so that your body is constantly digesting food and not storing it. When you dont eat for a longer period the body tends to slow down the digestion process, and also if you eat larger quantity of food it will take longer period of time for your body to digest food, and if you eat your second meal before your body has had time to digest the first meal then that food will get stored in your body. So its best to eat in smaller quantities.

2. Drink plenty of water: I know I know we are all tired of hearing this, and its probably been said so many times           that at this point it seems redundant , but trut me drinking water for weight loss is as essential as oxygen is to             stay alive. Yep I am being that dramatic but just to give you context. Not only will you flush out toxins from your         body by drinking enough water you will also fell fuller between meals and will eventually eat less.


3.Drink Green Tea : There is no conclusive study to prove that green tea increases your metabolism but it sure               helps in weight maintenance and is a good substitute to regular tea or coffee. I am not a fan of green tea but it        helps me keep my evening cravings away, as I prefer to have my green tea in the evening and after dinner.


4. Eat early dinner : You should ideally have a gap of minimum 3 hours after your dinner for your bed time. It gives        enough time for your body to digest the food. When you are sleeping the metabolism is also slowest so its best        to give your body ample of time to digest the food . Your dinner should be the lightest meal you have. Breakfast        should be the heaviest then lunch should be lighter than breakfast and then dinner should be the lightest. And in      between you can add 3 healthy snacks as your mid meals between these three meals.

5. Get moving : While diet plays an important part in increasing your metabolism, some sort of physical exercise          also helps boost up your metabolism. Incorporate some kind of workout in your daily routine, start with walks or         climbing stairs or lifting weights anything will do as long as you are physically active.

how to increase metabolism rate for faster weight loss

How to increase metabolism rate

Weight loss is not a journey or a destination its more of a lifestyle change. Take baby steps if you are not too sure but at least start it and you shall do it. So these are some pointers which will help you to answer your question how to increase metabolism rate for weight loss.