Hello everyone,
Today’s post is going to be a review on a different kind of makeup brush , one that has become a staple in my vanity its a kabuki brush.
Often times I have mentioned this brush to my friends and they always do a double take kabuki what?

To me this brush has become a makeup staple accessory in my vanity.
There are so many uses of it that it has become indispensable to me.
Its such a teeny tiny brush in length which it more than makes up in its width and functionality.
Almost all brands who sell brushes sell kabuki brushes, you wont have any problem finding it.
This particular one is from CROWN BRUSH, they unfortunately do not ship to INDIA.

So here is what I use it for :
Fisrt and foremost I use it as a powder brush, it picks up powder well and its so wide that the product also gets distributed easily, I lightly tp off the excess and go over y entire face using it.

Secondly, often ties I have used it as a foundation brush too, I dont use mineral foundation but if you do you may very well use it for that. I have used it as a foundation brush for liquid foundation, yep thats right, its dense enough to be used as a foundation brush and it gives the face an airbrushed look as it blends easily and its easy to control as well.

Thirdly I use it as a corrector brush or overall dusting brush.
When I feel I have overdone a blush I use it nicely buff off any excess blush and blend it better into my skin.


I do the same with bronzer , this brush just helps to blend everything seamlessly, so that nothing looks not blended , and there are no harsh lines on the face.

Hope you like this post.

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