KIKO Full Coverage Concealer Review

KIKO Full Coverage Concealer Review

Hello everyone. Today’s post is on KIKO Full Coverage Concealer review. Many of us struggle with dark circles, some more than other, and finding a good budget friendly concealer in India is quiet a task. To find a concealer that would actually hide the dark circles, and not turn ashy is an accomplishment. And to be honest I am very disappointed by the limited number of options. Anyway today I am talking about the full coverage concealer from KIKO.

I picked it up during a sale, I got 30% off of it. And lets see what KIKO Milano claims for this concealer

kiko full coverage cocnealer how to hide acne marks

KIKO Milano full coverage concealer

Creamy total coverage concealer, specifically for problems with skin blemishes.

Ideal for minimizing medium to serious imperfections such as age spots, moles, rosacea and scars.

The high coverage power combines with a surprisingly lightweight consistency, is non-greasy and easy to apply thanks to the anti-thickness pigments.

The sebum-absorbing complex makes this formula perfect, even for very oily skin.

The result is even and natural correction that will stay put all day long.

Since it was an impulsive purchase I didnt know it wasnt specifically meant for under eyes, which is a bummer. But lets review it .

I love the packaging on this KIKO full coverage concealer it has a mirror , a freaking mirror thank you so much for that, it makes touch ups easy and since its small & compact its good to throw into your handbag as well.

KIKO full coverage concealer 06

KIKO MILANO full coverage concealer 06

KIKO ¬†Full coverage concealer is a creamy concealer and has medium coverage as per me, its not extremely full coverage but you can build it up to a full coverage. I picked up the shade 06, which is a shade darker for my skin tone, but since my dark circles are extreme I prefer to use a darker concealer to conceal first and then I go over with a concealer that is 2 shades lighter for when I am doing a highlight and contour routine. By the way you can check out that video on my “FLAWLESS FOUNDATION ROUTINE” here


Coming back to this concealer, 06 is a warm concealer and it has orange/apricot undertone. So if I am having a good skin day dark circles wise I can get away without color correcting which is huge for me. It is creamy but before applying it on your skin you need to warm up the product with your finger. Due to this its not an ideal concealer for under eyes, but since I layer my concealers I prefer a medium coverage concealer over a full coverage one. If you would like to watch a video on how to conceal dark circles or how to apply concealer then you may like this video.

I rub my finger into the pot and take some concealer on my finger and then I dab it under my eyes and then I let it stay there without blending it for about 30-40 seconds then I take synthetic concealer buffer brush and ever so lightly just tap it under my eyes and blend it . It blends pretty easily but you need to hydrate your under eye well and then it works like a charm.

how to cover dark circles

KIKO full coverage concealer 06

The reasons why I am actually loving the KIKO full coverage concealer for my under eyes are:

  1. Color : This range has good color concealers for Indian skintone.
  2. Blendibility : It blends really easily, you can blend it using just your finger as well.
  3. Budget friendly : Its not a very expensive concealer and does a good job at concealing my dark circles. And a good concealer on a budget is hard to find in India
  4. Pigmentation: It is build-able and its perfect for spot concealing, use a small detail brush and just apply it where needed, it conceals beautifully.
kiko full coverage concealer 06

KIKO Full Coverage Concealer 06 review

I am enjoying this concealer, but only thing is I do not like applying any makeup using my finger, and I have to warm up the product on my finger befor using this. But its budget friendly and does the job so I do recommend this and also its a great concealer for hiding blemishes and acne marks on the face.