Loreal Color Riche Lipstick 290 PLUM PASSION REVIEW, Swatches And FOTD

Fall is here in full swing. Although it is supposed to mean the weather getting a little colder in preparation for winters but alas! it seems like summer all over again. Anyways, I have a wedding to attend in the month of December hopefully the weather should cool down by then. Hoping really hard. I hate getting decked up and end up sweating after 10 minutes.  I am so off topic here. I wanted to get myself a really dark plum lipstick, but I ones I tried were a bit too vampy for a wedding. They were either Gothic looking or were aging me, so I went for a milder plum lipstick and my hunt led me to Loreal Color Riche  Lipstick 290 PLUM PASSION. 

290 plum passion lipstick .NEF

Loreal Plum Passion

Loreal Plum Passion

PRICE: INR 825 /-

loreal color riche lipstick plum passion 08-Oct-14 1-53-55 PM

Loreal Plum Passion lipstick is a deep plum  purple lipstick with silver shimmer, which will best suit medium to dusky complexion. I think it will be a bit too striking on fair skin tone, but the color is buildable so if applied with a light hand it will look very pleasing even on fair skin tone. I am loving this lipstick. When I did try it at the store I wasnt fully convinced because it was really very different from any lipstick that have. And that is precisely why I took this lipstick, I have so many pinks and reds and few corals too, but when it comes to plums and purple I dont have that many. If you do want to venture out Loreal Plum Passion is a good choice.

Plum Passion with flash

Plum Passion with flash

Plum Passion in natural light

Plum Passion in natural light

Plum passion is a creamy lipstick which glides on effortlessly on the lips. Although it has silver shimmer they are not gritty at all. You dont feel them at all while applying. I am so not a fan of any sort of shimmer/glitter kind of stuff on my lips but I dont mind it here as after some time the silver shimmer goes away, leaving behind soft matte lipstick on the lips.

l'oreal color riche lipstick 290 plum passion review swatches 08-Oct-14 1-53-24 PM

Color Riche lipsticks do not bleed around the lips despite the creamy texture, the texture is moist and creamy, the lipstick is almost shimmery  when you first apply it but as it settles after a while it gives a soft matte lipstick texture. It does fade away evenly and leaves behind a strong lip stain. So even if you dont get time to re touch your lipstick you are still good.


I did not get a lot of staying power with this lipstick, maximum was 4 hours with snacks and meal, but I am sure it will stay longer without meals.  But I am impressed with the texture and pigmentation. One swipe gives an opaque coverage on the lips, so its a thumps up for pigmented lips as well.

loreal color richeloreal color riche  lipstick 290 plum passion

Loreal Color riche lipstick 290 Plum Passion

Its a very different lip color for me. I am excited trying this different look on me, I love pairing my lipsticks with different lip liners and lip glosses to custom make my perfect color most of the time. But these pictures are all only of the Loreal color riche lipstick Plum Passion.

Have you tried any lipstick from this range? If so which is your favorite or which one do you recommend? Until next time…



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