For this post today I am going to be reviewing the L’Oreal infallible gel eye liner. For long I have suffered the agony og applying a half decent eye liner. I remember trying to struggle with my liquid eye liner for a long time, over time I improved but I cried out loud when I discovered gel eye liner. It was P-E-R-F-E-C-T.
So girls if any of you are struggling with applying eyeliner, I would suggest you try using a gel eyeliner.
Okay so back to this beauty.

PRICE: USD$9.99 and in INDIA its priced at INR 825.
PACKAGING: I t is packaged in a glass jar 3 with a golden color screw off cap on it. And it also comes with a small brush, I didnt think I would be using it since it looked a little bigger than my regular eye liner brushes, but I tired working with it and its not so bad either.

COLOR: Its quiet unlike anything I have used till date. Its a blacked brown shade, almost black but quiet not so, I am still exploring it,but so far I am loving the different color.

PIGMENTATION & TEXTURE: The color is truly very pigmented and its texture is so creamy you just feel it gliding through your lids, you dont need Β a lot of product to get the full intensity of the color.

Before I got this I was using MAC Fluid line in Blacktrack and there is nothing to complain there except that it was getting old and hence started drying:( but I wasnt ready to let go, but the lines warent getting as crisp as I wanted so I knew time had come to bid it good bye, but the thing is I am not missing it.

L’Oreal Infallible gel eyeliner is a drugstore priced product with high end product quality. What more do you want?
Now I know most people enjoy using the maybelline gel eyeliner and I have used it too and its nice quality nice price but I think L’oreal one is better because it is creamier and also its staying power is better than others.

OVERALL I would say its a must have product and absolutely comparable to MAC FLUIDLINE’S GEL EYELINERS, with lesser price. Way to go L’OREAL.

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