Oh the things I do for shiny frizz free hairs…try homemade remidies, (try to ) not use hot tools, buy hair serums, anti frizz, oil control and all of this and all of thatΒ  left and right thinking one might finally do the miracle for me.One such trip made me but this serum.
And review it I shall…..

Its a product by the L’oreal Professional range which is exclusive to your salon. But you can buy it in the market easily.
PACKAGING: It comes in a transparent plastic tube with a purple tint to it and has a pump cap to it (thank god for that), so you can easily dispense the product and see it as well.
Well not to the nitty gritty..
I have extreaml dry hairs, and add to that the frizziness all thanks to my love my hot tools, blow drying, curling, then straightening.. you get my jist. So I wanted a light weight serum for some shine to my lifeless tresses.
This serum is runnier than others I have tried, I expected it to be a bit denser, but it wasnt, which turned out to be a good thign because being light and water like it didnt weigh my hairs down and was pretty light feeling on my hairs.

Its is instructed to be applie don damp hairs and they have to be towel tried, which is how I also prefer to use it, but occasionally I do take a small pump and use it over my styled hairs when I am going out.

It is marketed as a shine serum which I dont think it is, I didnt feel it giving any shine to my hairs, that being said it definitely made my hairs softer and tamed the frizz on my hairs.
Overall I would say, its an okay product, nothing too exceptional about it nothing too bad either.

Maybe its that my hairs are too dry, I think it owuld be a nice product for somemone with lesser hair issues , but shelling out 580 bucks for this, it better work, so I dont htink I am going to be repurchaisng this one.
Its an okay okay product.


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