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This is yet another post on the series of back to basics. This one is dedicated to blush. Blush is the perfect way to perk up those cheeky cheeks. One needs to choose the blush depending on their skin type, complexion and overall face makeup.If you are going for a smokey eye look you need to keep the blush sheer or light toned or if you going for a daytime look or just light eye makeup you can go for a more brighter blush to perk up the face.
Now lets go through the different kinds of blushes. There are powder, mineral and cream blushes. How to go about choosing and applying blushes will be discussed now…

1. TYPE: While powder blushes are good for oily skin as they absorb the extra oil cream blushes are good for dry skin as they give a dewy feel to the skin. If you want your blush to be long lasting then you can add some powder blush on top of your cream blush and your blush is good for the day.
2. LIGHTING: This is a general advise. Always apply  makeup in a well lit place so you know if you overdoing something, especially with blush as too much on your cheeks will give you clown like cheeks.
3. BRUSHES: If you are using a powder blush use a blush brush like so in the picture below.

If you going for a cream blush use either your finger or a stippling brush like so in the picture. It hepls blend the blush flawlessly in to the skin.

4. APPLICATION: Okay this is important. You might have often heard that you should apply blush on the “apple of your cheeks”. Well you shouldn’t. First rule never smile and apply blush; instead make a fish face( suck your face in) and then apply blush to the center of the apple of your cheeks. Or in simpler terms when you make a fish face apply the blush on the area that is on your cheekbone.
5. COLOR: If you are fair skinned then you should go for more softer and lighter shades as anything too bright will clash against your skin tone. Go for light pinks peaches and even corals that are sheer remember a little goes a long way.

If you are medium skinned you should opt for more pink and peach shades that are on warmer side like rosy pinks and peach shades that are more darker. Deeper corals bright pinks will add instant brightness to your face.

If you are dark skinned you should go for more darker pinks more mauve and rosy pinks ( not brighter) and deep orange shades as they will bring out your natural skin color. You shouldnt shy away from deep reds and oranges just go with a sheer formula and rock it.

Hope it was helpful.
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