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This post is going to be a first in a series of blog posts to follow about the basics of makeup. This post is dedicated to FOUNDATION and all you need to know about it. Hope you like it and also do let me know what should the next post be about in this series.

Many of us have often wondered I dont need to look like a makeup doll or end up having a caked up face its better to avoid foundation and go for the eyes or lips. Right? Wrong. A finished makeup look cant be achieved without a proper base. All you need to know is what color to use and what coverage to use.
Lets talk about coverage first:


LIGHT COVERAGE:  This type of foundation is good for the blessed ladies with good skin. Tinted moisturizer or light coverage liquid foundation with sheer coverage is ideal for light coverage.budget buy  splurge buy .
MEDIUM COVERAGE: This is most vastly used foundation as it is neither too light nor to too heavy. But a personal suggestion would be opt for a foundation that has medium to full coverage , i.e… the coverage is build-able.
FULL COVERAGE: One should be very careful while using a full coverage foundation as it can easily make your face cook cakey.  it is generally more used for coverage under bright lights

Now lets talk about kind of foundations:


LIQUID FOUNDATION: This is most common of all kinds of foundations and most commonly used due to its ease of application. Liquid foundations give the skin a healthy glow and dewy finish. This type of foundation is generally suited for dry skin and oil free ones are good for oily skin types. Liquid foundations have build-able coverage too. budget buy and splurge buy
PRESSED POWDER FOUNDATION: Pressed powder foundations also known as compacts are used more as setting powder and touch up makeup. It comes in handy for oily skin budget buy   splurge buy
CREAM FOUNDATION: These foundations generally have full coverage and are heavier than liquid and powder foundations. Cream foundations are most apt for mature skin. Full coverage foundations also come in handy for covering blemishes, dark spots, pigmentation etc. compared to other foundations. splurge buy
MINERAL FOUNDATION: Mineral makeup comes in the form of loose powder. Its not so much of a preferred foundation for dry skin as its powder based. But nonetheless there is a wide variety out there.
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Now lets talk about how to choose the perfect color.

How to choose the perfect color of your foundation is the most common dilemma faced. Here are few tips.
1. Please never try and match the color for your foundation on your wrist, instead you should try and match the shade on your jawline. The color that blends the most and is invisible after blending is your perfect shade.
2. Please try to match the color of your foundation to the color of your skin not to the color you want your skin to be. The purpose of foundation is to even out your skin tone not to make you look fairer or tanner.
3. You can opt for two kinds of foundations light to medium coverage for day time wear and one medium to full coverage for night time and special occasions.

Now lets just go through some quick tips and tricks for a flawless application.
1. Always and I mean always moisturize your skin before applying foundation and let it rest on your skin for a good 5 minutes, let the skin soak up the moisture. Even if you have oily skin dont skip this step use an oil free moisturizer.
2. If using fingers to apply foundation make sure your hands are sanitized and clean.
3. If you are using sponge to apply foundation make sure to dampen it with water before applying.
4.Always set your foundation with powder to keep it in place.
So I guess that covers all the basic questions. But in case I didnt cover something or you have any questions please let me know in the comments below.
P.S. All the links provided are for the respective products and have been linked to their sites.
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