Hi everyone!
I am doing a quick and very short post on this MAKEUP TUTORIAL USINGΒ COASTAL SCENTS Β 88 PALETTE. I have created a collage with step wise tutorial.
So here is the final look.

image of smokey eyes
picture of brown smokey eyes

Here are the colors marked in numbers as I used them.
1.Is for all over the lids.
2.On and over the crease.
3.On the outer corners of the eyes.
4.HIghlight shade on the tear duct and under the brow bone.

Here is the description on the makeup tutorial using coastal scents 88 palette:

1. After priming the eyes, I took NYX jumbo eye pencil in french fries and applied it on the lids and blended it with the with the finger.

2.Next taking the taupe/ grey eyeshadow ( marked number 1) on a flat eyeshadow brush I applied it all over the lids and on the lower lash line also, smudging it along .

3. Next taking a warm rust color ( marked number 2) on a blending brush I applied it on the crease and blended it thoroughly.

4. Taking a deep matte black eyeshadow on a stiff blending brush I applied it on the outer half of the lids and blended it well, I also took what was left on the brush to the lower lash line and applied it on the outer half of the lower lash line.

5.Taking the matte highlight eyeshadow (marked number 4) I applied it on the brow bone.

6. The final step is to apply the eye liner on both top and bottom lash line and add mascara.

7. You are almost done. Dont forget to fill your eye brows.

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