Hello friends,
For this post I am going to be reviewing a cream blush by Maybelline, I love cream blushes so when maybelline launched these I was irking to try these blushes, especially this shade as I dont have anything quiet so coral.

Anyhow, lets begin the review
Packaging: This blush is packaged in a plastic container with a transparent lid , through which you can easily see the color. Also when the blush is new, it is dome shaped.

Price:   $7.99 USD
Color: Candy color as the name suggests is a coral orange blush. I like the color as its a perfect mix of coral and orange.

Texture: The texture of these blushes is quiet unique, its squishy to touch, the blush presses down when you touch it and comes back up. It is smooth to touch and it feels velvet like. Its texture is very different from the NYX Cream blush. It is creamy to touch and as you blend it turns to a powder finish.

Pigmentation: Its pigmentation is okay, its not overly pigmented you do need to layer the product, which is not something you would want especially with such a light shade.
The only thing is it blends well into the skin so even if you have to layer it it doesnt feel heavy ,
, so you can add more product without the fear of over applying it.

Staying power: Okay, so here is the problem, firstly the color is too light you need to really pack it on, once you get the desired amount and blend it , its a pretty coral color which I absolutely love but the staying power on these is not super impressive. It stays good for 4 hours on my dry skin, but if you have oily skin I dont think it would last even that long.

OVERALL THOUGHTS:When I got this blush, the color looked so lovely but the pigmentation and staying power disappointed me, still its texture is quiet unique and I might actually try other warmer and deeper colors from this range, wouldnt repurchase this one though. Its good for my dry skin as it does leave a dewy effect and doesnt feel sticky on the face.
But if you have oily skin you might want to skip it.
Trying to get a decent picture with a swatch was an uphill task I tired but the color doesnt quiet show up. As much as I like the color I think this blush is suited was more fair skinned beauties.
I still use it and love it though, will not repurchase it, maybe try it in some other shade.
Hope you find this review useful.


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