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Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Foundation for dry skin Review, Price, Photos

Maybelline Dream Satin liquid foundation review. Lets begin, this foundation retails for 700 INR , which is on the higher side of price range for Maybelline foundations.  I picked it up a couple of months back since I was looking for a foundation for dry skin which gives a dewy finish. I picked this up and have used it few times here in Mauritius, since the weather has cooled down and its winter here.

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Maybelline Dream Satin skin foundation in B5

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid foundation comes in a glass packaging with a pump dispenser ,that always gets and additional point when a drugstore foundation adds pump to their foundations to make life easier for us mere mortals. Jokes aside the pump is really appreciated, since the foundation is liquid and a but runny.

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Maybelline dream satin skin foundation

Color selection is really disappointing, they dont have many shades to begin with and most of them are pink undertones. I mean hello? You are selling a foundation in a country which predominantly has olive skin tones with yellow undertones, and if you are above NC 42 in MAC, you dont have a color for you in this range, which is unacceptable. And what is it pink undertones, it will make you look ashy plain and simple. I luckily got a good match in B5. The shade B5 in this maybelline dream satin skin liquid foundation has yellow undertones.

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Maybelline Dream Satin Skin foundation review

The texture of this foundation is very interesting. Its a cross between mousse and liquid foundation. Its like a moussy liquid foundation. This foundation blends like a dream and it easy to blend with your finger tips also, although  the first time I applied it I used a stippling brush that brush didnt blend the foundation very nicely. It made it the foundation go on streaky and left brush marks on the face, so the next time I tired it with the Real Techniques Beauty Sponge and then it blended very nicely.

True to its name the foundation has a satin finish, its pretty dewy , a bit more than my liking, its just a preference I prefer my foundation to be more of a satin to matte finish. I will explain. The foundation is a bit more dewy than I would have liked since the coverage on this foundation is light.

maybelline founadtion for dry skin

Maybelline Dream Satin skin foundation B5 review

So it doesnt cover much and if you have texture issue on  your face then this foundation will only highlight it. So to avoid that you need to go in with a primer underneath , and then also atleast two coats of this foundation, which is not an issue since the foundation is build-able to a medium coverage easily. But you need a concealer for blemishes and dark spots since the  maximum coverage you can get from this foundation is medium.

Staying power was another dud from this foundation, because usually foundation tend to stay longer on dry skin, but this foundation doesnt have much staying power on dry skin even in cold weather, so dont even think about wearing this foundation during summer months or if you want to wear it for long hours stay away from this one.

Its a good light weight everyday kind of foundation with a maximum wear of 5 hours after that it will start to fade away, so I cant even call it a everyday foundation , because it wont survive an eight hours work day.

So Maybelline Dream Satin Skin liquid foundation has its pros and cons but I am not going to waste this foundation so the best way to use this foundation is to mix it with a matte foundation , I prefer to use it with  the Loreal Infallible Pro Matte 108, that way I get the longevity from the Loreal foundation and the luminosity and dewiness from the Maybelline Dream Satin skin liquid foundation.

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Maybelline Dream Satin

I wouldnt really recommend this foundation I find it to be over priced for what it is. You can skip it and if you already have it then mix it with another matte foundation to get a better use out of it. I love the effect this foundation gives when mixed with Loreal Infallible Pro Matte foundation.

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