Hello everyone,
This is a product rave/review/love/scream I dont know what else. I just got this lipstick over the weekend and have been wearing this three days straight. I am in love…Ok enough. Lets gets started.
I love it.
OK seriously…
14 hour long lasting lipstick with an ultra lightweight formula
stays light fresh and comfortable
super rich color that lasts 14 hours
pigments are enveloped in long wearing system
16 smudge free lipstick shades.


PACKAGING: Ok. I dont love it. I am not a fan of the packaging. I dont like the white cap on it, just a personal choice. The other half of the product is in a clear tube which makes it easy to identify the color.
TEXTURE: Its a semi matte finish lipstick with little bit of sheen. Being on the matte side they are not super moisturizing but they dont dry your lips out. One thing you need to take care is to apply a lip balm and keep your lips supple and soft before applying it. You cant really squish your lips as its a bit sticky. But the overall look of the lipstick is just amazing.
COLOR: Ooooo… I love this particular shade too much. Its a bright fuchsia shade with blue undertones so it makes it super pretty on my lips, the color just brightens up the face instantly, and you look happy and cheery.

APPLICATION: As mentioned just make sure your lips are nicely exfoliated and are soft before you apply this lipstick.
STAYING POWER: 14 HOURS??? REALLY… well not exactly…but who need lipstick for 14 hours??? Even if it doesnt stay for 14 hours it stays pretty long, and stains the lips for long after. You need to remove it with a makeup remover , that says about its staying power. No complaints here. You just might need to reapply or touch up after your meals but other than that you dont need to worry about it, the color stays in place all day.

OVERALL VERDICT: I LOVE THIS LIPSTICK THE COLOR IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I would like to try other colors from this range. Another color I liked a lot was NON STOP RED.
It isnt actually red its more rust orange than red, loved it too.
So ladies go grab this color for a wonderful and cheery summer, its gonna look good on anybody and everybody!!!
I have recently done a blog post using this lipstick you can read here

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