NEW MAYBELLINE GEL EYELINER, 36 hours wear, Review and Swatches


Hello everyone! For today’s post I am reviewing the new Maybelline Gel Eyeliner, which is supposed to give you 36 hours of staying power.

Maybelline Eyestudio gel eyeliner eview

Maybelline Gel Eyeliner review

I found absolutely nothing wrong with the older version of Maybelline Gel Eyeliner, I am still using it and loving it. But who doesnt like somethign more better, so I was tempted to try this new MAYBELLINE GEL EYELINER.


I have been using gel eyeliner for close to 4 years now and Maybelline was the first one I tried. It dried up after few months and I was disappointed and so I tried various other brands and all had the same story. So I concluded a gel eyeliner is going to dry up if not used frequently just as a mascara would. So do use it up.

Maybelline eystudio lastign drama gel eyeliner 01 black review

Maybelline gel eye liner

Coming back to this one there is packaging difference between the new and old one, while the older one packaged in a round translucent jar with frost finish this one comes in a square jar with transparent finish. This one also comes with an eyeliner brush. The cap is also different , the new one has a black plastic cap as opposed to the silver metallic one of the older gel eyeliner.

mayeblline eyeliner review


Performance wise I honestly have not tested it for 36 hours, its not possible, who wears makeup for 36 hours? Not me. But it has got good use from me on various occasions from day to night, from hot and humid to dry weather, and it has performed brilliantly.

new maybelline gel eyeliner

Ever since I am using a gel eyeliner I havent been using my kajal, or eyeliner pencil very much, I just use the gel eyeliner as kajal. I also told a lot of friends to do the same, and most of them are happy now that the eyeliner on the waterline now stays put. If you also have watery lower lash line or oily lids, I would suggest you use a thin eyeliner brush and apply it your lower lash line, if need be set it with a black eyeshadow.

maybelline gel liner review


The New Maybelline Gel eyeliner also works nicely on my waterline as well.

I love how its just the right amount of black, its super pigmented and glides on effortlessly because of its smooth and creamy texture. As I said I was happy with the older version as well but this one sure is creamier and just a tad more pigmented. One good layer will give you desired coverage.

Its a budget friendly good quality gel eyeliner from India’s best drugstore brand Maybelline.

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