Hey everyone!
Today’s post is going to be dedicated to blushing. No, no I am not blushing over anything, just reviewing the NYX Β BLUSHΒ PINCHED. I am a big fan of NYX cream blushes, and had been reading great bit of reviews on their powder blushes too, so I decided to finally get myself one. I wanted to buy the blush called Desert Rose but that was out of stock so my next choice was this NYX BLUSH PINCHED.
Judging by the name I thought in my mind the color should be pink as in when some one pinches your cheeks how pink they should look that kind of pink..Okay thats what I thought, silly me you know!
Anyhoo I got his one for $5.99 USD or in INDIA its priced at INR 650.
The packaging is a square shaped plastic container with a transparent lid so you can easily see the color. It doesnt come with a blush brush or a mirror.

nyx pinched blush review

There is a wide variety of shades available fromt his range around 27. That is one too many girls!
So coming back to this one. The color at first glance looks all pinky pink and I am like no come on! Not another one. But I was wrong and was glad I glad I was wrong.

nyx pinched blush swatch

NYX BLUSH PINCHED basically a pink blush with coral hues and golden shimmers, which are finely milled.

I have to be honest though it was not love at first sight, but this blush grew on me.
When I swatched it and blended it I could see the shimmers on my hand which I am not a big fan of but on further blending I could see the shimmers spreading evenly.

nyx pinched blush review

And unlike other NYX blushes its not super pigmented, which I like actually, when it comes to blushes I prefer them to be of okay pigmentation with build-able color of-course. It makes it a hassle rather to be so conscious while applying a blush. So I am glad this one is decently pigmented .

nyx blush review

For application I would suggest to use a light hand to evenly distribute the shimmer.
The shimmer is not so much an issue with this blush, it doesnt have too much sparkly shimmer, it rather gives a glow to the face.

nyx powder blush in pinched

The staying power is okay it stays put on me for a good 4 to 5 hours and if I apply it over a cream blush then I am set for the day!

nyx blush in pinched swatch

I am currently pairingΒ the NYX BLUSH PINCHED with NYX CREAM BLUSH IN GLOW and it goes perfectly well together. I have reviewed GLOW HERE
So overall its a thumps up for me on this beautiful more pink less peach blush!


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