NYX Cream Blush GLOW Review and Swatches

NYX Cream Blush GLOW Review

Hello my lovelies..
I am so enjoying this week as I’m getting to blog regularly, makes me happy to be involved with my blog and being regular with it too.With fall knocking on the door, its time to take out those cream blushes, dust them off(they arent really dusty). Although I use cream blushes all through the year, just that during summer and monsoon months I add powder blushes on top of them to avoid any hot mess on my face.So for this post I am sharing my most beloved NYX CREAM BLUSH its GLOW.
nyx cream blush glow review



Its a pretty pretty light pinkish shade which is not too bright nor too pale.
The packaging is quiet standard it comes in a round case with a clear plastic case on the top to help identify the shade. The body is made of plastic too. It doesnt com with any sort of applicator or mirror. The packaging is quiet sturdy it doesnt open up as easily and I have traveled with it, never faced an issues.

On the back is the name and a full list of ingredients.

nyx cream blush glow price

You open up the case and your face has to instantly light up seeing the pretty pink color, its not in your face pink rather a pink with coral hues. Its a beautiful color which makes you happy just looking at it.

Texture wise NYX cream blush is extremely and I mean extremely CREAMY, it would have done without being so so so creamy. During summers its a good idea to store them in a cool place even refrigerate them if need be.
But the creamy texture also enhances its ability to be super blendable.

Now the most important aspect of the NYX cream Β blush where you need to tread carefully is the Pigmentation.
Its freaking superbly pigmented, even the lightest touch can give you a handful to blend. If you are newΒ  to cream blushes you need to practice with this baby before wearing it out. Test it out a couple of times just to make sure you arent over doing it. Once you get the hang of it you are never going to want to use another blush.

nyx cream blush glow swatch

Application wise it depends on what you are comfortable with, you may use your fingers or a stippling brush.
I prefer the latter, I use a stippling brush to apply this brush on my cheeks because this brush picks up less product and also importantly it distributes the color evenly on the cheeks as opposed to fingers.

how to applr cream blush

You can ofcourse use fingers, I’m just not very good at blending it with my fingers.

nyx cream blush glow

Once you blend this blush it gives a glow literally to your face sans any shimmer. I just love it so so so much.
I have dry skin so I can use it more, if you have oily skin you can always layer it up with a powder blush. Doing so also insures the longevity of the blush.
On it own I would say it stays put for upto 4 hours in hot weather conditions, otherwise it stays on longer.

nyx cream blush glow

DO give this blush a try I am sure you will love it! If you have already tried this or any other color from this range do share in the comments.
So that should be all for this post.
I have 4 more blushes from this range I have done a blog earlier, it wasnt a detailed one but you can see the colors there. The link is here
If you want me to d a detailed review on any of these do tell.
Until next time….
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