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For this post I am going to be reviewing NYX eye shadow base in SKIN TONE.

There is a wide variety of primers and bases for eye makeup, the functionality of these being to bring out the vibrancy of the of the eye shadow and enhance the staying power of the eye shadow.

Ever since I have been into eye makeup I keep collecting these eye bases and primers as they seem to be a magic potion for the eye shadows.
For those of you who are new to eye makeup and have not yet started using a eye shadow base you are going about the whole process WRONG! You have to have a eye shadow primer or eye shadow base.

Okay back to this product.
What NYX says about the product:
Maximize the intensity, longevity and unashamed brilliance of your eye shadow statements with our eye shadow primer pots. Each of the three NYX Eye Shadow Basesโ€”for vibrant, pearl or neutral tonesโ€”creates a smooth canvas for color, increases its durability and prevents fallout.
The one I have is in SKIN TONE, I already had the NYX jumbo pencil in MILK so I didnt go fro the white one.
PRICE: INR 600. USD $7
PACKAGING: It comes in a transparent glass jar, with a white lid on it. The ingredients are listed on the back. ย Simple neat packaging,no fuss no mess you can easily the amount of product used and its also easier to use it in a jar.

Texture: The texture is creamy and it blends well without any effort. It almost has the consistency of a concealer, though you cant use it as a concealer.
Pigmentation: It is very pigmented and is true to the color you see in the jar.
I have pigmented lids, so this is the BEST eyeshadow base I have used, because it neutralizes any darkness on the lids and gives a clean base for my eye makeup.
If you have pigmented eye lids, this is the product to have.

The only thing to remember is ย that you dont need a lot of product, a little goes a long way.
If you have oily lids you need to be even more careful, because for dry lids i can be forgiving but for oily lids you need very less amount to provide the coverage and act as a base as well.
The staying power again depends upon the quantity used, if you use too much you find it creasing in almost 4 hours, but if you use the correct amount it will easily last up to 7-8 hours, your eye makeup wouldnt budge.
Here are the swatches with light and dark eye shadows so you get an idea of how it enhances the color of the eye shadow .

OVERALL VERDICT: I can only say one thing, you have to have it. It is a wonderful product easy on the pocket, does the job well and then some, there is only pluses to it.
It will suit all skin types, but you just have to be a little careful with the quantity if you have oily lids. Its a total winner. Go grab it Girls , you wont be disappointed.

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