NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil : Milk Swatch and Review.

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This post is going to be about a much much talked about product in the beauty circle and its NYX jumbo pencil in milk. Now NYX products dont exactly come cheap in India, so one would wonder if it really is a product worth buying?
Well all I can say is that hope this post helps you decide, for me its a must have in my vanity.
So lets begin..

PRICE: As with all NYX products this one is pricey in India. It usually runs for INR 450. Though in the USA it sells for $4.5 .And if you buy it in some discount it might come in for $3. So its like paying INR 450 for something you can buy for INR 200 max. Its better to buy it off cherry culture where the normally some further discounts going on.
PACKAGING : Its packaged in a pencil form only much wider and comes with a clear plastic cap which is very flimsy and cracks with the slightest of pressure. Another thing that is not so good is that the pencil is not retractable you have to sharpen it. Not only does that end up wasting a lot of product its tedious to do it since the product is so creamy.
I am not a big fan of the packaging and since its such a bestseller item its time now that NYX change its packaging.

TEXTURE: NYX jumbo pencils are creamy smooth and they glide like a dream and are easily blendable.
COLOR : MILK is a best seller among the jumbo eye-pencils and I know why. Its so multi-functional. The color is true white and its opaque and no shimmer no shine at all. Perfect as a base though if you have oily lids I would suggest applying it over any eye base or primer and you are good. You can use it as a liner for waterline for opening up your eyes a bit more and also in the  inner corners of the eyes to highlight them. The best use of this jumbo pencil is to apply it under light eye-shadows or bright eye-shadows to make the color pop even more, especially for the warmer skin tones or if you have pigmented eyelids even after applying primer sometimes the eye shadows dont pop or you dont get the desired look. Whereas after applying milk that issue would be gone.

APPLICATION : Applying it is super easy you can place the product directly on the eyes and then blend it with your finger or else you can use a synthetic blending brush or concealer brush. If you want to appl it as an eye liner simply take your eye shadow brush and pick up some product on it and use it on your water line.

left most yellow over milk, middle one is over nyx eye base and right most is just eyeshadow

left most swatch is just eyeshadow middle is over milk and right most is over eye primer

OVERALL VERDICT: I am pretty amazed by this product its quiet unique and has multiple purposes. MILK is my go to jumbo eye pencil for times when I am using a lot of light or bright colors and when I do smokey eyes I use it on my waterline. The staying power on this pencil is a good 6-7 hours with a little bit of smudging. However if you have oily lids you need to take an extra step of priming our eyes before applying it. How ever I dont like the packaging I just wish they make it in a retractable tube. Other than that I love this product and is very useful. There is a wide variety of colors to choose from in jumbo pencils, which I must admit is a bit overwhelming.
But I like this product and I use it all the time.
You need to have a dual end sharpener to sharpen these pencils as they are wider than the normal eye and lip pencils.

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