Hello everyone,
So today is day 3 for the office/daytime appropriate makeup look. I know its not easy to devote a lot of time in the morning to get ready let alone keeping time aside for makeup, but I hope reading the posts in this series will prompt you to keep aside 5 minutes Β for yourself, its not too much, plus when you get a hang of it, it doesnt even take that long.
Here are the two looks I did before this:

So this look I have dedicated to kajal lovers. I know there are a lot of you there.
Hope I do justice to this one.
After your face is ready and prepped with foundation and concealer and you have set it up with a matte powder proceed to the eyes. Apply a light pale pink frosted eye shadow all over the lids concentrating on the tear duct.
Apply your kajal and immediately close your eyes tightly and open it up after 5 seconds, doing this will get the kajal to transfer to the top waterline and will somewhat tightline your eyes.Just add a little bit of black eye shadow on an angled liner brush or a gel eye liner brush which ever is handy and run it along the upper lash line and smoke it out ever so lightly .
Add your mascara after curling your lashes and apply a bronzer to your cheeks to warm your face.
Apply your favorite lipstick . To change it up a bit I added a bright plumy shade but if it is too mcuh you can always go for lighter and paler shade.
Easy peasy. and quick.

Just to add a bit to it, if your office enviorment is relaxed and you can add a little bit of black eye shadow to the outer v and blend . Not too dramatic.

It is also a quick way to change your makeup from day time to night time.

P.S ..Please excuse my hairs for this post, they are still wet and so I couldn’t really style them.

These are just some ideas to spruce your makeup and try the same things differently, change the shape of your eyeliner, or try some brown instead of black or use eyeshadow as liner use a bit of gloss, curl your eyelashes they instantly pick up your face and makes your eyes look bigger, warm up your face with a matte bronzer, just subtle changes nothing too dramatic or noticeable but yet making a difference.
I hope I encouraged some of you try these makeup looks, or adding your twists to it .
Hope you like it


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