Plus size fashion, Outfit of the day : Floral Fantasy

Plus size fashion Outfit of the day : Floral Fantasy

Today I am sharing an outfit post for plus size fashion . Its a first here on my blog but certainly not the last one. Plus size fashion havent been heard together a lot and rightly so, its an actual fight to find something you will love in the plus size category easily. I struggle a lot, but obviously my love for fashion and accessories doesnt deter me from that predicament. So today’s outfit is self designed and hence I cant tell you where it source it from, if you like it.

plus size maxi dress India

Floral Hi – Low Maxi dress

Florals are one of my favorite prints because bright floral prints just bring a smile to my face. I like how they are loud and in your face and yet with the correct combination you can tame them too.

plus size fashion glammegal

Aldo sun glasses

I loved this blue fabric with pink and white and green print detailing and I knew I wanted to get a flowy maxi dress made out of it. I found a boutique in Mumbai and asked for this hi-low patterned maxi dress. I quiet liked how it turned out, specially because I know no one else has it. Lol!!

Plus Size Fashion

I do get asked about this dress quiet a lot and I am glad I got this made. This dress cost me around 1800 INR only, which is a bargain considering most dresses in the malls dont even start below 3000 INR. The shoes I chose a strappy flats with grey and black color to go well with the outfit.  I didnt want the shoes to take away from the dress hence  I kept them understated.

I accessorized this dress with a blush toned Ted Baker clutch and a fuchsia neck piece. For my hands I chose only a Fossil watch. My sunglasses are ALDO.While I love accessorizing, I hate over doing it. So I kept it simple and skipped the earrings and the bracelets for this one.



For the makeup I chose to do a muted gold and blue smokey eyes along with soft pink lips. I bronzed my skin ans skipped the blush. You can check my summer proof makeup tutorial on YOUTUBE. I also shared my tips and tricks for longer lasting makeup in summer. Do check that post out, its very helpful. You can read it here.

makeup look blue and gold smokey eyes

Makeup Gold and blue smokey eyes

Plus size fashion is tricky, you have to accept that and design your clothes or buy them to your strengths, that is the rule but to hell with the rules. I have a simple theory, there is nothing I can wear that will make me look thin or make me look as if I have the “perfect body”. So I wear whatever I like , whatever makes me happy. This dress makes me happy. Stay tuned for posts on plus size fashion.