Plus Size Fashion The perfect floral maxi dress

Plus Size Fashion The perfect floral maxi dress

Here is the second post in the outfit section that I have started on my blog recently. I was and I am still apprehensive when it comes to outfit posts, as I am new to all this and figuring out outfits and then accessorizing them is something I totally love, but its a process. I absolutely suck at posing and I stand so awkwardly, so that will take time to get used to, until then bear with the awkward poses and pictures.  So I give you today in plus size fashion the perfect floral maxi dress.

Plus Size Fashion The perfect floral maxi dress

Floral Maxi Dress

Now I love dresses in general. My wardrobe consists mostly of dresses, short length medium length and then comes the maxi dresses. I love maxi dresses foremost due to the comfort level. For me comfort always triumphs style. I cant be uncomfortable to look or feel some way. Hence you wont find a tonne of heels in my collection.

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Floral Maxi dress

Anyway coking back to this floral maxi dress, I bought the fabric and got it stitched. The print and the blush pink/peach color immediately grabbed my attention. It looked so feminine and so endearing to me. I knew I wanted a floor length maxi dress from this fabric.

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Floral summer dress

The fabric is so flowly and so comfortable on the skin. The best part about this floral maxi dress is that I can dress it down and make it casual and I can accessorize it with heavy earrings and a flowy dupatta and totally make it work as a day time wedding/party wear dress.

The makeup for this look I kept bright on the eyes with understated lips. I have done a video on this makeup look which I shall upload shortly. I wanted the orange in the dress to stand out a bit more and also break the monotony of the pink/peach hence I chose to brighten up the eyes with orange eyeshadow.

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Makeup Look

Since I was going for a casual vibe I chose to only accessorize through earrings.

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Floral Maxi Dress

If you havent then do check out my first outfit here . I hope you enjoyed Plus Size Fashion The perfect floral maxi dress post and stay tuned for the next post. I am planning on doing an ethnic wear post next.