Hello my sweets….
This is a quick and eager and enthusiastic post on a lipstick that I am going nuts over. Β Yes yet another one, I am Β such a confused soul when it comes to lipsticks I fall in love so easily with soooo many of them but this one is true true true love…
Okay coming out of my trance and back on earth…I’m talking about Β REVLON CHERRIES ON THE SNOW LIPSTICK. OMG girls trust me I am so loving this shade, it such a beautiful shade of lipstick just like cherries, well not exactly, but nevertheless its beautiful. Just take a look at this gorgeousness.

PRICED at INR 550 this range is ready available on most shopping outlets and even online. This particular color though may be hard to find. I had a tough time.

Its PACKAGED in a classic round lipstick tube with a lustrous finish and the tube is half black and half golden in color.

Just remove the cap and twist the cap and…..comes out the wonder…I’m so awestruck by this color because its a very different shade of lipstick in terms of whatever I have, its still in the pinkish red category of lipstick but its unlike anything I own.

The TEXTURE of this lipstick is creamy and it glides on the lips effortlessly, I never felt it tugging on the lips.

One swipe is enough of CHERRIES IN THE SNOW lipstick to give an opaque coverage, its insanely PIGMENTED. But I like to go over it twice on my lips to get more deep impact of the color.
Here are the swatches.
revlon cherries in the snow lipstick
In evening natural light
revlon cherries in the snow lipstick
Here is how it looks on my lips
cherries in the snow lipstick 440 review
revlon superlustrous lipstick cherries in the snow lipstick
Staying power of these lipsticks is decent I would say, it easily stays on my lips for a good 4 to 5 hours with mild snacks, these lipsticks would surely not survive an entire meal though, but they dont completely vanish off your lips.And even though its a creamy lipstick it doesnt weigh on your lips its light and comfortable feeling on the lips. I so love the color that nothing can come between me and this lipstick.
So overall I freaking love this lipstick for its
  • color
  • formula ( non drying and hydrating)
  • pigmentation
  • texture
  • decent staying power.

I did not find any major or minor con in this lipstick except for maybe requiring a touch up after meals.

Highly recommended.
So that should be all for this super amazing lipstick.
Until next time..
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