Say goodbye to dry skin with Burst Of Happyness

Say goodbye to dry skin with Burst Of Happyness 

Just Like Heaven

hand made soaps by burst of happyness

Just Like Heaven is a powerful yet gentle facial cleanser with kaolin clay, almonds, apricot kernel oil and avocado oil.

Kaolin clay will gently draw impurities from the skin without removing natural oils while simultaneously exfoliating, cleansing, and stimulating circulation. Almonds provide gentle exfoliation and  nourish the skin as they contain high amount of vitamin E as well as several nutritious minerals. Avocado Oil contains antioxidants and hence delays signs of ageing. It has a natural hydrating ability and is deeply absorbed by the squamous layer of the skin. Because of its chemical properties and its ability to retain water, avocado oil acts as an emollient, and promotes soft and supple tissue.  Apricot Kernel Oil is a light oil which is readily absorbed by the skin. It offers skin softening, regenerating and moisturizing properties and is very effective for dry skin.

It contains an essential oil blend of ylang ylang, lavender to nourish and it smells sooo good.

This clay facial will leave your face feeling smooth and clean – Just Like Heaven!

How to use?

Scoop out half a teaspoon of the cleanser, mix with water to make a paste and rub in small circle. Rinse off with luke warm water. Do not use wet fingers to take out the cleanser to avoid contamination.

Suitable for dry and normal skin

This facial cleanser contains no water, therefore doesn’t need ANY chemicals to preserve, emulsify, thicken, etc. like any other conventional face wash. It is an all natural wash and free from aggressive detergents, such as harsh SLS, soap and other synthetics, therefore it does not dry your skin.


Woe Be Gone

woe be gone

Say goodbye to your dry skin woes with this decadent soap as it is loaded with shea, cocoa butter and olive oil. Cocoa Butter is rich in vit E and helps create a protective barrier on the skin. Shea Butter offers moisturizing, regenerating, anti-inflamatory and skin softening properties.  It has a lovely blend of citrus mandarin, fruity grapefruit and floral ylang ylang.

Suitable for all skin types

About Burst Of Happyness

Burst Of Happyness offers vegan bath and body treats which are handmade from scratch and are completely free of any questionable additives like synthetic fragrance, colourants or chemicals like SLS, SLES, paraben etc. These products are developed in house using knowledge derived through research and ingredients obtained from nature so that you can enjoy wholesome natural goodness. Burst Of Happyness products are eco-friendly and are NEVER tested on animals. They are available online via

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