Hey friends,
As promised I am trying my best to be regular at my posts, I always like to take my time before doing a post .I dont want to rush just to make a post. So I hope you all are liking my posts and without further ado lets get started with todays look.
The eye makeup done on this post is perfect for parties and weddings as it involves a very traditional Indian color suitable for such occasions, meanwhile GOLD is such an eye catching color it just sits perfectly for most night time events.
Okay so here is the breakdown:

 1. Apply NYX JUMBO PENCIL in GOLD all over the lids and then blend the color with your finger.
  2. Next apply a shimmering gold color all over the lids and also on the inner corner of the waterline.

3. Taking a small blending brush add a deep brown shade on the brush and apply a thin line all over the crease area.
4.Take another clean blending brush and pack a medium brown or medium copper shade and apply it above the crease area and with light hands blend the two colors.

5. On the lower waterline add the vibrant emerald green color on the centre of the lids blending it in with the gold on the inner corner.
6. Apply black eyeshadow on the outer corner of the eyes and blend it with the green eye shadow.

7. Apply black liquid eyeliner and wing it out for a more dramatic look. And add lots of mascara .
8. Clean up any fall outs under the eyes and complete the face makeup and you are done!

Hope you enjoyed the post
Until next time…

    • sugandha