Skin care tips for men basic skin care routine to follow for healthy skin

Skin care tips for men basic skin care routine to follow for healthy skin

Today I am going to share basic skin care tips for men that if followed will definitely improve the skin and make it healthy looking. Lets get the obvious out if the way first. Drink lots of water, its the easiest way to flush out toxins from your body and also water will keep your skin hydrated.

skin care tips for men fro healthy skin

Skin care tips

  1. Choose a cleanser for your skin type : Most men dont use a specific cleanser that would suit their skin type. They usually use what their girlfirend, mother or wife uses. Silly but true. So get a cleanser as per your skin type, there are different cleansers for oily skin, dry skin, normal skin. One good cleanser recommendation is Avene Gel Cleanser .
  2. Moisturize before shaving : To avoid razor cuts and for a smoother and easier shave apply a good cream cleanser  before you start your shaving routine. Let it sit for 2 to 3 minutes before applying your shaving gel/foam/cream.
  3. Do not avoid sunscreen: If you are not very dedicated about your skin care regimen and cant be botheres with using too many products then please stick to sunscreen in the least. Do not neglect this step. Use weather appropriate sunscreen but keep a minimum of Spf 25 and preferably a wide spectrum sunscreen for protection against harmful sun rays. Not only will it protect your skin from sun it will also help to avoid sun burn, and decrease the signs of ageing.
  4. Use eye cream : Using an eye cream will help you hydrate the lids ans under eye area and if you use an anti wrinkle eye cream it will help keep the wrinkles away from the eyes.
  5. Use Aloe vera gel : Use this as the first step after you cleanse your skin. Gently pat it all over your skin and massage it into the skin then apply your eye cream and moisturizer as you normally would. Aloe vera has  lots of skin care benefits and it will also help your skin absorb your creams and lotions better.

There are lot of other skin care products that men can also use but those are advanced skin care routine, if you are a beginner atleast try to follow these simple skin care tips for men, its a  basic skin care routine to follow for healthy skin.