I have often been asked by friends “what brushes and tools do I absolutely need to have to start my makeup collection?” well friends this post is the answer to your questions, but first off let me say that there are innumerable brushes out there and you might as well go and get one of each kind but the point is what do you really really when you are trying your hands at makeup or are beginning to explore this makeup world. I will go ahead and categorically describe the brushes that I think are basic must haves in your collection.

1.FOUNDATION: There are a lot of ways to apply foundation. You can always use your fingers but for a more flawless application its better to use a brush or beauty sponge. There is a huge variety of brushes out there and it does get confusing to select but to start out with use a stippling brush or a sponge for that airbrushed look.

2.CONCEALER: In order to complete your flawless face routine you need to hide those dark circles or  redness or blemishes etc on your face. concealer comes in handy at that point. I generally prefer to use my fingers for dabbing on the concealer on my face but for concealers with a more liquid base you need to have a concealer brush.

3. BLUSH: For those perfect looking rosy cheeks you need to have a blush brush. You can go for a regular blush brush, but since its a starter kit of must have brushes if you go for an angled blush brush the same brush can double as your contour brush.

4.CONTOUR/:  As i mentioned earlier an angled blush brush will do just fine to double up as a contour brush. An angled contouring brush will help get an sharp angle for sculpting under the cheek bones and forehead and jaw line.( I will do a separate blog post on highlight and contour. )

5. POWDER BRUSH: This brush helps to powder your face  to set your foundation and concealer.

EYES: There are literally tons of brushes available for eye makeup. Do you really need so many ? Well yeah, maybe,…actually no. If you are just starting out with makeup you dont need to overwhelm yourself with so many brushes, while they do they help but for starters below listed brushes would do just fine.
1. FLAT EYE SHADOW BRUSH. This is a must have brush. It helps to pack the color on your lids, no other way to describe it you have to have it.

2. BLENDING BRUSH: There is a wide variety of blending brush available, but for starters you just need two. yes two not one but two. one has to be smaller in size and the second one has to be bigger and fluffier. Having two brushes does help in creating a better look as you can blend with the smaller brush and smoke out with the larger brush. The smaller and stiff blending brush will help smoke out eye shadow on the lower lids as well.



3.ANGLED LINER BRUSH: This brush comes in handy to apply gel eyeliner and it can also double up as your brow brush ( it helps if you have two of them separately). The second brush is for more precise application of liner using gel eyeliner.

All said I would like to add that the more brushes you have the easier its for you as you dont have to clean it up after each makeup application. You can get the job done with these brushes just fine. And as you feel more confident about your makeup skills and further dive into it you will know which brushes work for you , what more you want to add to your collection. As far as where to purchase them is concerned you can always try your hand at online shopping. If you are in USA your choices are endless, but to name a few you can try
cherryculture (they do ship in india)
coastalscents (they do ship in india)
sigmabrushes (they do ship in india)
If you are in India you can shop here
These are just few options.If any of you have any queries or suggestions please feel free to post them in the comments below.
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