Summer Makeup Tips for long lasting makeup

Summer Makeup Tips for long lasting makeup

Hey everyone today’s post is very informative and very useful for the hot scorching summer time. I am going to talk about my most used summer makeup tips for long lasting makeup. Honestly though in India summer and makeup dont really go well together , but if you have to do makeup for a wedding or an event or a party these tips will definitely make your makeup last longer. So lets begin.

Makeup or no makeup dont avoid your sunscreen.

1.First things first, use a primer, if normally you dont use a primer get one for summer time. It will make your makeup sit better on your face as well as help it last longer. Another important thing to take care of is to use a mattifying primer and not a dewy one. A mattifying primer will keep the shine away from your face for longer period.

Product recommendations:

1.Deborah Face Perfect Primer.

2.L’oreal studio secrets magic perfecting base.

mattifying primer for oily skin

Mattifying Primer For Summer time

loreal studio secrets primer

Primer for longer lasting makeup


2. You want to use a waterproof foundation or an oil free foundation or a long wear foundation. MAC prolong wear foundation  is a good long wear foundation with a satin finish.

If you want a more matte finish then Estee Lauder Double wear is a wonderful foundation specially for oily skin.

Product Recommendations:

1. MAC Prolong wear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation

2. Maybelline Matte and Poreless Foundation.

3. Estee Lauder Double wear foundation.

Summer Makeup Tips for long lasting makeup

Long stay foundation

3. Spot conceal you face if you dont want the full coverage foundation look. For everyday summer makeup you can use  only a concealer and totally skip the foundation. Try to use a cream concealer which has fuller coverage, liquid concealers dont usually pack the punch and lack pigmentation compared to cream concealer.

Product Recommendations:

L.A Girl Pro Conceal

MAC Prep + Prime Concealer

concealer for dry skin


4. Powder your face with a matte powder that is finely milled and always keep it handy for a touch up through out the day.  If you use a finely milled powder to set your makeup and also later to touch up it wont cake up. Powder is your best friend during summer time.

Product Recommendations

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder

NYX HD finishing powder

MAC studio fix powder foundation

Summer Makeup Tips for long lasting makeup



5. Opt for a waterproof mascara. You dont want the heat and sweat to run down your mascara.

Product Recommendations :

  1. Loreal False Lash Butterfly waterproof mascara
  2. Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express Mascara
best waterproof mascaras in India

Waterproof mascara

6. Use a setting spray to even further elongate the life of your makeup. Also when you use a setting spray you actually mesh all the powders you used, be it setting powder, blush or a bronzer, into the skin so it doesnt look so powdery.

Product recommendations:

Colourbar Stay the Day Finishing mist

Summer Makeup Tips for long lasting makeup

Makeup setting spray

Few other tips:

  1. Go easy on the highlighter. Dont kill me for saying this but sweat and shine and inner glow goddess dont really go well together. So keep  a light hand with the highlighter.

2. If you have oily skin then carry  blotting paper sheets with you along with your compact in your purse for                       touch  ups.

3. Use gel liner as opposed to liquid liner as they have longer staying power.

So there you go, your makeup life is set if you follow these summer makeup tips for long lasting makeup.


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