Hey everyone..
Today I am going to be reviewing a makeup remover from THE BODY SHOP.The Body Shop makeup has been known to not test their products on animals and so they are cruelty free and kudos to them for that. This is just a quick post reviewing the makeup remover because all others I have used  cause irritation to my eyes and this one didnt, so I thought it would be nice to mention that.
Coming back to the product in question  I have it in small travel size packaging.
I generally do not use the liquid makeup remover, I have been enjoying the Neutrogena makeup removing wipes for a long time and absolutely love them,I just tried the The Body Shop makeup remover on a whim and have been loving it.

What The Body Shop says about the product:
Float away the day with refreshing rosewater to gently cleanse and dissolve eye makeup. Also conditions lashes so they feel soft and silky.
Price: INR 695 for 250 ml.
I have been using this and I must say it gets the job done and the added bonus is that it doesnt sting my eyes or make my vision foggy. I dont face any discomfort what so ever.

 Its very gentle on the eyes and for people with sensitive skin I think it would be ideal.Though if you are using any waterproof product you may need to put some extra effort, I generally put the product on a cotton ball and place it over the eyes for a good 5-7 seconds and then gently wipe it off and it takes care of the waterproof mascara for me.

I would recommend this product and would get a full size bottle when I am done with this one.
Hope this post was helpful.

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