Stress, tiredness and fatigue seem to be common lifestyle issues we all face on a daily basics. Anything and everything that helps in combating these issues and making life more enjoyable are always a treat.
Spas today provide the exact solution to the stressed mind.The Four Fountains Spa is India’s largest chain of affordable spas. I visited the spa last week and had a wonderful experience and I am sharing it with you all today.

the four fountains spa pune review

The Four Fountains Spa in Pune has six branches. And I chose to visit the Aundh branch. As soon as I entered the spa I was refreshed by the aroma. I was greeted by the courteous staff  and I was assisted for selecting the therapy I should go for. Although no doctor was present at time I visited. They provide a whole range of spa and therapies depending on your need from DE-STRESSING, DE-TOXIFICATION, BEAUTY and IMMUNITY. Its pretty elaborate and I liked the variety of services offered.
I liked the ambiance of the place it had dim lighting  around the reception area, it set the mood for therapy.

I was then assisted to my room. And I was delighted to see it was equipped with a shower in the same room, unlike a common one. (prior experience at another spa, I dont like a common bath )
As you can see there is a big massage table in the center of the room with a bath at the back end of the room. The lights were dim, and soft music was playing in the background. I had opted for a Swedish Massage with Wintergreen Oil. Wintergreen oil is known for having pain relieving qualities. The session was for 60 minutes.

the four fountains spa prices

The room was lit with dim lights, the lights were on for the purpose of taking photographs.

Another thing that I really liked was the pair of disposable under garments, which is very convenient and hygienic . My therapist left me to change and the session began with the massage on back  then legs and then moving on to hands and then to the front legs and then abdomen and then arms and upper chest.
Another note worthy thing before the actual spa began was my therapist wiped my feet clean with a wet cloth, making sure it was clean.And then once the massage began she asked me if the pressure was okay for me or did I need more. Also another thing I liked she didnt talk much, and made sure I was relaxed at all times. There was soft music in the background which was very soothing. 
Time for me flew by, the massage was  very relaxing. I told my therapist that I have pain in the lower back and she attended to it and I could feel the difference by the end of  my session. She then showed me to the bath, which was small but comfortable and was well equipped with cold and hot water , and body wash and shampoo.
After I had changed I came down to the reception area and I was asked for my feedback and I was offered herbal tea. I was asked to fill a feedback form.
Before leaving I was given a complimentary foot cream that can be applied on the foot before going to bed.
I quiet like it.
I was feeling very relaxed and very sleepy after I came out.
Few more pictures of the spa.

the four fountains spa
the four fountains spa review
waiting area
the four fountains spa pune review

I am for sure going to visit very soon.
More about the FOUR FOUNTAIN SPA
They have multiple centers in MUMBAI, DELHI, GURGAON, KOLKATA, PUNE, GOA, BENGALURU,
They also have this amazing yearly membership offer for weekdays and weekends. Do check it out if you are looking for regular affordable spa with a friendly and courteous staff and awesome membership plan. To know about the spa and their membership plan you can click The Four Fountains Spa 
LAST WORDS: I had a good experience at this spa and would recommend it to my friends and family and shall visit it again. Its a good spa at affordable prices. Prices differ from location to location so do check it before hand. Their website has all the information in detail.
PS: I was offered to visit the spa and avail there services, but the opinion expressed are honest and without any prejudice.