Love makes the world go round. Well trying to romance your love when you are parents to an infant or toddler can make your world go round and round and some rounds and well off in a tizzy you go. Not really. Where there is a will there is a way. Well somethings need to change when you become a parent, but that doesnt mean putting an end to romance! It might require extra effort but you sure can make the most of it. So dont let Parenthood be an excuse this year to not celebrate Valentine’s day. Try some or all of these ideas and make this 14th of February a day to remember.

1. BALLOONS WITH LOVE MESSAGES: This Valentine’s day blow lots of balloons and write sweet messages on each of them. This fun activity can be done as family unit, and the kid/ kids will also feel involved. Plus each time a balloon comes floating throughout the evening any of those random love messages will make you and your loved one smile!

Romantic Balloons with Love Notes

Balloons with Love Messages

2. PUTTING KIDS TO BED A LITTLE EARLY: There is nothing wrong in trying to put the kid/kids to bed a little early so that you and your spouse get a little bit more alone time on this Valentine’s day. As a parent any quiet time with your partner in itself is a romantic fantasy! Two glasses filled with your favorite wine, a nice rom-com and lots of cuddling.

romantic movie night at home

Romantic Movie Date at Home

3.  TREASURE HUNT: If you are a little more creative, plan a treasure hunt with hints and gifts hidden in the house. Let your child/children deliver the messages/hint to your partner to find the small notes or gifts through out the house. You can both plan ahead and exchange your hints on Valentines Day . You each have to find your gifts/ notes; who so ever completes the tasks first wins.

Romantic treasure hunt

Romantic Treasure Hunt

4. ARRANGE FOR A SITTER: You can always arrange for a baby sitter to take of the child/children can you can go out for a romantic dinner out.

5. DAY CARE FOR THE CHILD AND A LUNCH DATE: If you dont have the facility of  a baby sitter around you can always plan your date for lunch instead of dinner. Just take your child to your trusted Day care and you and your spouse can enjoy a lovely meal at your favorite restaurant, and later do some balloon stuff with your kid/kids back home.

Romantic lunch date


So you see the possibilities are endless. You just have to be willing to make that extra effort. Romance needs effort. Parents or just couples you need to work hard to fulfill your romantic aspirations.  And from personal experience I can say its all the effort that goes into making a beautiful moment possible is what gives the maximum satisfaction. From the time you start you planning you get excited to see the end result.

So dont wait up , plan something and make this Valentine’s Day a special one.

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Enjoy your Day! Until Next Time…


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