Hello everyone,
So this is the look I created for the weekly makeup eye challenge me and my fellow blogger friends have teamed up for doing. Bascially we will make sure to post one eye makeup look once a week pertaining to this collaboration. This was supposed to be a 30 days 30 eye makeup looks challenge, but that is indeed very challenging to ccomplish. So for this post here is my look.
The two other bloggers who have done this there link will be shared in this post, do check them out.
So here is the look I created using NYX Pigements in Lime Green and Gold.

 So basically all I did was :
1.Primed my lids with NYX Jumbo eye pencil in MILKall the way up to the brow bone and also on the waterline.
2. Took a synthetic flat eye shadow brush to pick up the pigments and then placed the gold pigment on the inner third and outer third of the lids.
3. For the centre of the lids I tool the Lime green pigment.
4. On the crease I applied a light coral shade to softly blend all the eye shadows together.
5. I then applied a burnt brown eye liner on the upper lashline, for the lower lashine I applied the MILK jumbo eye pencil on the waterline and applied the gold pigement on the inner half of the lower lashline and the lime green pigment for the outer half.
6. I then curled my eye lashes and applied mascara.

So here are few more pictures enjoy,( I hope).

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Hope you are enjoying this series!

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